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Multi element Classic fusion shoes Jordan Spizike will usher in the first year of OG color engraved on sale. The body of shoes is integrated with various Air Jordan generation symbol elements, and the Logo of designer Spike Lee and the Logo of his movie production company "40 Acres and a Mule" are also presented on the heel. The 〉 item: 315371-125 via gc911# created by me # Gordon Bayern Shanghai Fun with the fans to share the secret of victory 2017-07-19 12:11:41 won the Bundesliga heat pressing the Shanghai, scorching, but can not stop the football enthusiasts, Adidas as an international sports brand the pursuit of innovation, to join the Bayern star Thomas Muller (Thomas M ller), David Alabbar (David Alaba), Christian (Christian Fr chtl) and new members joined the team the harmes - Rodrigues (James Rodrí Guez) airborne Shanghai million Museum Adidas power soccer Park Adidas 3V3 Football League, cordial interaction with fans, sharing stories and tips on the footba Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ll field. with a deafening scream, Bayern star and Adidas 3V3 Shanghai football league championship team full debut, they dressed in a series of sandstorm equipment teams, experience the fun of football game, shooting speed, cuju. The game fans cheer side midfielder, two teams show amazing footwork, the atmosphere was pushed to the climax, and the players on the field seems to be infected by the enthusiasm of the fans, all kinds of wonderful moments emerge in an endless stream. After the game, the Bayern star to Adidas 3V3 football league players to impart valuable experience, told them to constantly improve themselves, play the creativity on the pitch. Subsequently, the stars share series of football boots in the extreme storm experience, go to the fans and the self crazy fans before. in addition, Adidas Greater China Football category and heartbeat sports business senior director - Mr. Max (Max VandenDoel) said: "I am pleased to invite the Bayern stars to participate in the activ jordans on sale mens ities, their achievements and glory are obvious to everyone.". I believe that this time they can not only help Adidas 3V3 Football League, impart experience to contestants, but also bring strong impact to Chinese football fans and spectators." so far, Bayern China trip successfully ended. And the Adidas 3V3 football league matches will continue, the game assembled the national football fans and created, very low threshold, so that more grassroots fans can easily participate in it. In the early stage, Adidas also carried out the 3V3 Football League training course, created a dream football training platform for football creators, invited professional football coaching team from the technology, speed, physical aspects of the participants to enhance in all aspects. Although Beijing, ShangHai Railway Station competition has ended, but wonderful continues, Chengdu and Guangzhou whistle will be sounded, let us enjoy the largest group of thousands of grassroots football feast, detonated the jordans on sale online whole summer! Dr. Martens more than 1461 students, more than 2016-05-18 1〉 gas, elegant taste1.jpg (105.37 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-10-30 09:23 upload 1.jpg (197.7 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-4-28 upload at 11:17 2.jpg (204.88 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-4-28 upload at 11:17 3.jpg (280.38 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-4-28 upload at 11:17 4.jpg (368.39 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-4-28 upload at 11:17 5.jpg (249.8 KB, download times: 0) download attachment save to album 2015-4-28 upload at 11:17The "trigger extreme" football shoes series 2016-05-18 11:52:30 in the upcoming year's most important football occasion, Nike Football opened a "trigger extreme" football shoes series veil, which also marks the first time a new generation of Mercurial football shoes debut. cheap foamposites This pair of shoes, first unveiled at the Nike Innovation Summit in 2016, is made into a complete speed system, and its new shoe inner panel fits with the natural contours of the foot. "we through the new Mercurial football shoes to challenge people's assumptions about speed, science into the design so as to create the fastest football shoes," Nike Football chief designer Jeongwoo Lee said, "we focus on the overall design of the shoes, and thus it becomes a real speed system. In this system, all the materials are integrated together to bring about the best overall performance." The bottom plate and the foot of a new generation of the Mercurial football shoes natural contour fit, eliminates the gap between the past and the sole shoes. In addition, the shoe sole has a 40% lighter weight than the carbon fiber sole, but is stronger and more reactive than ever. The traction system for speed and make improvements, Nike design team tested including wedge nail, nail, humanoid with many d buy cheap jordans online ifferent grip mode spikes. This is also the first time Nike football uses the virtual Finite Element Analisis test. This test provides scientific data support to test which soles are most suitable for speed players. Mercurial football shoes series, the most representative player Cristiano · Ronaldo for a new generation of sole and grip design commented: "it and my character is like," Ronaldo said, "I am a straightforward, very aggressive striker. This stud shape reminded me of his own character, they are on the pitch but also has a very good performance." "trigger extraordinary football shoes series also marks the combination of Hypervenom I NikeSkin and Hypervenom II the overall structure of the upper. "Hypervenom I vamp design makes it faster than Hyervenom II," said Marcos, vice president of Nike football footwear ·, Blau. "We constantly bring new shoes for professional athletes, and the return of Hypervenom I uppers makes it easy to wear new shoes. "We want all ath jordan 3 katrina 2018 letes to have the best sneakers in the world, and the introduction of NikeSkin uppers is the reason," he concluded. [Chinese shoes Network - Scroll News] violations of international luxury brands famous "LV" trademark scarf, cottage version of "NIKE" logo sports shoes, the first two months of this year, the number of violations of international well-known domestic enterprises to grant intellectual property rights The counterfeit goods seized by Customs at Tianjin Port. Recently, a company in general trade export declaration vote wheel bearings. Based on past infringement cases bearing seizing export experience, Customs officers after analyzing class of goods, logistics to other information, that the consignment is likely to entrain infringing goods. After a thorough examination dig boxes, send the reality of goods in customs protection filing of "NSK" and "KOYO" brand bearings totaling 8556 units. Customs regulations and intellectual property rights holders to contact authorities to ve Retro jordans for sale rify, confirm that the goods are counterfeit and infringing goods. According to statistics, in the first two months of 2012, Tianjin Xingang Customs had seized in seaborne exports of goods channels of infringing six votes, a total of 33,516 seizure of infringing goods, the value of $ 414,000. import and export channels to combat intellectual property rights infringements, combined with previous search Xingang Customs hair infringement cases, gradually worked out the characteristics of the import and export links in the infringement of intellectual property violations, establish risk points. Clothing, medicines, food, bearings, auto parts and other high-risk violations occurred commodity, this staff to focus on seizing. Meanwhile, in order to enhance supervision of customs officers on the frontline ability to identify infringing goods, seizing improve efficiency, Xingang Customs frontline officers to strengthen communication and production companies, as familiar with the market situat air jordan 11 space jam for sale ion at home and abroad, to acquire all categories, the appearance of the brand goods, Features and resolution of common sense. Previously, the customs officers will be held by the International Association for exchange forum bearing a way to learn from experts known foreign companies bearing the true and false identification methods, on-site sales flow of important information bearing on the world market of counterfeit products, effectively improve Customs Efficiency bearing commodities IPR protection. In addition, Xingang Customs clearance line in its IPR protection work to help and encourage producers to complete the record. This not only helps the customs found infringing goods, while those engaged in the illegal business of manufacturing and selling counterfeit goods is also a warning and deterrent. (Chinese shoes Network - the most professional and authoritative Footwear News)A few days ago with the you mentioned Michael Lau X Nike Sportswear Air Crazy Force 1 exhibition further jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black news now! Now you can see the inside of the shoes with a mysterious toy doll, especially the AF1 will cause a Michael Lau boom! download (57.04 KB)2008-11-20 Michael Lau x Nike is also the first team member Jordan Team, popularity of Ray Allen player version on the market in is also rising, which is today the network is also given a pair he had worn in the Seattle supersonics players period version of Air Jordan 12, the shoe body with white / green and white, embroidered in the heel the RAY 34 words, at present this pair of shoes are sold Originals sports players released in 2013 New Tech Super shoes 2013-05-09 11:52:18 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [Source: overkill] Print & nbsp; Close Chinese shoes Network May 9 hearing, well-known sports brand adidas Originals adidas's retro branch released the 2013 New Tech Super shoes. Tech Super shoes are running shoes in the 1990s in the crowd, but with the potential blowout of technological develop cheap air jordans ment in recent years, sports shoes, Tech Super shoes can not be compared with today's performance has running shoes. Perhaps the classic will never be submerged in the tide of history, Tech Super shoes are still popular today for its outline elements of flow lines, special stitching uppers, while standing. The adidas Originals were issued blue / black and gray / green two color shoes, suede uppers with mesh by splicing to create, and the classic thick soles persists, 90s shoes put a new color, momentum is still hot as ever. Related newscan record without playing? Chinese men's first defence record! After to the Australian team in the playoffs to lose, Chinese basketball can only be determined for this year the Asian Cup fifth, has signed Air Jordan, recently rumored to have double Asia's first personal signature shoes Chinese first defender Guo Ailun is coaching decided lack of war wounds, missed the final two qualifying. While sitting on the bench. Guo Ailun also created a slightly embarrassing record inadvertently: since 1951 held the Asian Games, Guo Ailun became the fifth most won the Asian players, a total of 3 times, respectively, is the 2013 Asian Championships in Manila, 2014 Asian Games in Inchon and Lebanon in 2017 Asia cup. Guo Ailun played the game after easy to fall into the singles on the offensive end, but his singles ability and not to the point where only Asia, so at a certain moment may be able to receive the miraculous, save the team, but the other time overall for the team is hurt, is a double-edged sword play. China 12 Asian Cup performance scoring, Guo Ailun, Li Gen called leader 1 win over the host team Chinese Lebanon after the end of the Asian Cup in all 7 games with a score of fifth. Group phase three games, Guo Ailun averaged 22.3 points and Lebanon Hatibu sharing scoring reputation. In the United States special training back, Guo Ailun speed and competition feeling is better than before, the group match three games have played their own technical characteristics. Guo Ailun hit you, is often the team quickly rose into the moment, he led the team in the national team no one can. Against Syria, Guo Ailun a bad, still shots, was finally replaced Du feng. Guo Ailun and modern defender play instead, Liu Xiaoyu as a traditional defender, sort of attack, pass the ball to the most suitable position of the team, is his special skills. 7 games, 5 games on double, less than 20 year old Hu Jinqiu's performance enough to compete in the Asian Cup's best new person. no, Guo Ailun is even smoother Win Jordan 31 points, let Du Feng and Chinese team get into dispute, said that coaches and players were scolded, usually after the team lost, now there is an interesting phenomenon, some teams win, coaches and players have been scolded more fierce. Australia lost to stop 8, Chinese Basketball Show underdog's state, the criticism is overwhelming, from top to bottom, from the inside to the outside without being scolded. Throughout the game, the team of 61 to 20, the shooting rate is 32.8%; 52 China game for 35; statistics from the game to the game, everything seems to be pointing to an embarrassing fact: no Guo Ailun China team played a smoother, more efficient. Suddenly, Du Feng and Guo Ailun became the target of criticism: Du Feng didn't say the Chinese team didn't have defenders to organize the ball Finally, even Yao Ming was "fighting with each other": "what are you choosing?" This article is an exclusive copy of Mr. Ren's team. Without permission, it cannot be reproduced. Please indicate the source when authorized! annex 104810 annex 104811 After x NIKE SB BLAZER color SUPREME LOW GT a total of three colors: green and mud respectively in 2009 and 2011 BRUIN SB 94 has been used, this time for the first time introduced the pink color matching; in addition, the tongue insole also printed on the classic red and white SUPREME LOGO, SUPREME BOX on the side of shoes more pressure LOGO Jin Zhang, the more "extreme" status.