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Nike SB has recently published a new masterpiece, this time to launch a new color Dunk SB Hi. color to calm understated Purple / black as the main body, the use of black suede collocation on purple leather, and leather at a unique middle hole chic details, whole white lace and white collocation in the bottom, don't have mature stock sedate charm, is definitely one of the shoes of people loved playing with the mature wind season will start in the Dunk SB. This pair of Hi will be released in the near future, you want to start a friend please pay more attention to the future reports of. has several degrees cross season joint cooperation Puma high-end branch Puma Black Label, this time again saw and fashion brand Alexander McQueen joint shoes released in taiwan. Including the blue green color Summer Joust, the color of hair would like to refer to the traditional festival from the British clothing, and its features into the Italy shoes, which cost NT $11980 yuan. While the other jujube red canvas Mediu Canvas shoes, express the design theme of the season to the British flag embroydery, price of NT $$8380 yuan. Interested friends can pay attention to it. Retro jordans for sale engraved, engraved or engraved! All models now annually in the market can buy the shoes, engraved almost occupy more than sixty percent share. Do not say first every Monday double Air Jordan, single take those highly sought after game player, enduring retro style, is enough to let us too busy to attend to all. In Kobe before retiring with master Nike road and FTB two engraved series to discuss the fans favor, the club took out Adidas also timely release of Crazy 3, now follow the Kobe series the pace of James last month ushered in the engraved version of their first signature shoes Nike Air Zoom Generation. see here everybody will have such doubt, has just arrived in 2017 in what style will be engraved? The famous shoes website Solecollector for everyone to bring the latest wish list, here are ten classic styles, it is necessary in the future to be engraved, satisfying Sneakerhead wish in the new year. Here's a look at what the hell is this ten pairs of shoes! Nike Air Jordan 3 " Black/Cement" Although the at the end of last year we just ushered in the OG version of Air Jordan 3 Retro "True Blue" color engraved, but for AJ fans, a favor air jordan 11 space jam for sale ite or Air Jordan 3 " Black/Cement", to know a complex moment in 2001, so in the list, it must have there are, of course the best is the "hook" ass, but not Jumpman Logo. Nike Air Raid 2 " Peace Raid" as Air Jordan 8 brothers shoes, Nike Air Raid has a good reputation, but the engraved version hasn't gained much attention in the domestic market for foreign Sneakerhead Air Raid 2 "Peace Raid" version is the Supreme deity. So natural and ultimately its presence in this list. Nike Zoom Kobe 4 is faster, less help and more quickly it was in the year 4 Nike Kobe listed when given the brand concept, as the first.There has been a lot of buzz about Melo??s most recent player exclusive Air Jordan 11 dressed in a ??All Red?? upper. For the first time, Carmelo Anthony was spotted rocking his Air Jordan 11 ??All Red?? PE. Advertisment RELATED: Air Jordan 4 Unreleased ??Melo?? PE Check out the photo below and let us know what you think of his PE in the comments. Should Jordan Brand really consider releasing these? Source: NT??????engagement rings for women prices This Pin was discovered by Virtual Fashion Discover and save your own Pins on name jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black necklaces Maxi Cab in Singapore proves to be an excellent choice for you especially when your group is composed of seven to thirteen members only For sure you will definitely enjoy a delightful trip to any point of the city when you take the time to board this ki rings for women prices This Pin was discovere" /〉 gothic wear By buy loose diamonds This Pin was discovered by Virtual Fashion Discover and save your own Pins on engagement rings for women prices This Pin was discovered by Virtual Fashion Discover and save your own Pins on [? Vans? Lovers exclusive copyright, please indicate the source! ] creator Taylor (Tyler The, Creator) recently leaked a pair of Wolf Gang and Vans Vans Syndicate is the highest branch of the new joint syndicate, this pair of shoes from a nightmare, then Wolf Gang is a burst of inspiration, made two hit color very strong? Old Skool, a pair of shoes all create suede in summer, the watermelon green as the main colors, Sidestripe and laces to create white, by contrast is large at the end of a pink like watermelon in general. Second double vamp suede is another kind of bluish green cover. At the same time cheap foamposites , the two sides may bring a series of accessories, including shirts, caps, socks and training package, together constitute the joint. Let us wait and see the exciting moment finally revealed! It has been put on the agenda of a July day. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (0) share to micro-blog0.jpg (87.17 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-23 09:00 upload 1.jpg (75.24 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-23 09:00 upload 2.jpg (82.12 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-23 09:00 upload 3.jpg (48.2 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-23 09:00 upload 4.jpg (71.57 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-7-23 09:00 upload Basketball shoes for maintenance purpose there are two: one is the performance of the two is the appearance of the maintenance, maintenance. The maintenance performance mainly lies in the correct preservation of the shoes, and the appearance of the maintenance is mainl jordans on sale online y embodied in the science of cleaning shoes, and sometimes they are integrated. in the preservation method, because the basketball shoes making more kinds of raw materials, such as the use of a pair of basketball shoes on the material is likely to include a leather, cloth, nylon, dragon, non marking rubber production process and so on, which leads to more complex, the glue will place. It is these materials to ensure the performance of a pair of shoes, to maintain performance lies in the proper handling of a pair of shoes, the above mentioned materials for aging. Therefore the correct way to save writing should pay attention to the following points. : Recently, the media exposed a red and white camouflage color Kobe 9 Elite, red uppers and white logo, there is not much new ideas, but the red and white collocation of camouflage outsole, very novel. However, the identity of this shoe is unknown, and we will continue to pay attention to it. NB New Balance 999 but the most eye-catching shoes, recently launched a new color, dark red shoes collocation 3M reflective material, the iconic fur leather blessing, very festive, is there? Prior jordan 3 katrina 2018 exposure Air Jordan 6 champion once again appeared on the network. This is based on Air Jordan 6 and 23rd anniversary, we have reason to believe that Jordan Brand will launch a variety of new and old color version to celebrate, but as Michael Jordan's first double champion boots in front of the "double champion cigar" is the perfect interpretation of the celebration theme, it can not help but remember that after the victory of the locker room Jordan bite a cigar the scene. This pair of leather shoes very brown cigar fan, with the symbol of glory and gold with red shoelaces details, fixed buckle is changed into a ring design, and "champion cigar" theme is quite fit. But now is just the exposure of the sample, officials also did not reveal any commercially available program. 1391134780510.jpg (115.05 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-31 10:57 upload 1391134780475.jpg (89.6 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-31 10:57 upload 1391134779992.jpg (88.73 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-1-31 10:57 upload industry analysis from the economic indicators and survey data, the leather industry is facing the most difficult period o buy cheap jordans online f thirty years, brought heavy pressure of international and domestic economic environment change, the China leather industry has entered a difficult period "". Under such circumstances, the leather industry is bound to face many unprecedented difficulties and challenges, and this difficulty can not be spent in a short period of time. and in 2007 the first half of 2008, China's leather, fur and products industry is still stubbornly the trend of a "steady slight" production, rapid growth, profitability has improved, continue to reduce the dependence on foreign trade; the steady growth of imports and exports, trade surplus proportion declined. But specific to different industries, especially the export situation can be said to be unfair treatment. Leather, fur and leather apparel products and other industries due to the national macro-control policy influence, a substantial decline in exports, the first decline in exports of leather shoes for seven years. The collapse and relocation of some export enterprises are the result of the combination of the survival of the fittest, the cost of resources, taxation and the adjustment of industrial policies, Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale and so on. The nature of this is the inevitable process of industrial gradient transfer. since last year, the leather industry has accelerated the pace of transferring to the central and western regions and Southeast asia. It is understood that the southeast coast of Guangdong Province, especially the transfer of enterprises more, but this transfer is gradual, exploratory, rather than uprooted migration. The direction of the transfer is preferred in the more remote areas of the province, followed by Southeast Asia and its domestic neighboring provinces, such as Jiangxi, Anhui, Hunan or some regions with a certain industrial base, such as Sichuan, Chongqing and so on. These signs show that China's leather industry after nearly thirty years of rapid development, has now entered the industrial transfer period. This is undoubtedly the focus of the industry's common concern. It is very important to correctly understand the trend of industrial transfer and seize the opportunities for development in the process of transfer. History has proved that the transfer of the leather industry is the inevitable law of the market economy, but also the industry jordans on sale mens itself in order to seek sustainable development, adjusting the structure, to explore the positive performance of the new development model through comprehensive analysis, is expected to reach $2 trillion and 600 billion in 2008 China's total import and export volume, an increase of about 20%. In 2009, uncertainties and unstable factors will continue to increase, and the uncertainties in the international economic situation will increase, and the impact on China's import and export will be further deepened. But opportunities are still bigger than challenges. by the world economic slowdown, the deterioration of the financial crisis spread, the domestic economic slowdown, the appreciation of the renminbi, the main industry investment rate and a decline in international trade protectionism and other unfavorable factors, this year China's export growth rate dropped significantly, corporate profits severely compressed, deteriorating trade environment. In the past 10 months of foreign trade, China's import and export situation in general is good, but the global financial market turmoil, it is difficult to recover in the short term, the international m cheap air jordans arket demand will continue to weaken. ) recently, Nike for women launched a special a new WMNS the free transform flyknit training shoes, different from the recently introduced other training shoes, overwhelmed by the hot leg of a stocking type design, but retains the low to help design. Using threaded flyknit knitted material constitutes a shoe body, mainly in blue and green color, the orange gradient as the ornament, again by the touch of black swoosh neat across the upper, the impact of the visual effects. With Flywire fly line with lace co coated feet, and equipped with soft solid cushioning dual density foam and Samsung innovation bending groove outside the bottom to create a comfortable wearing feeling. this shoe is already available through the purchase of suppliers such as SNKRS, there is still a big wave of new color is about to line NIKE online store. shoe section information: Nike WMNS Free Transform Flyknit No: 833410-300price: $150image source: soleAfter we see Nike Lunar Force 1 Red Suede, black suede version followed. The continuation of the Air Force 1 classic shape design, while incorporating the Lunarlon cushioning technology for the wearer to continue to create a comfortable experience excellent. At the same time, the black suede shoes covered with white Swoosh made particularly eye-catching, finally with transparent crystal showing outsole. nike-lunar-force-1-black-suede-11.jpg (86.85 KB, download number: 12) download Nike Lunar Force 1 Black Suede 2015-1-24 upload 11:40 Wenchuan earthquake, there are miracles every day, there are countless heroes: let us salute the people in disaster relief and soldiers to the disaster area, baby woman, to save the children at the expense of the teachers...... This earthquake crisis, there is such a hero -- Sichuan county middle school principal Ye Zhiping sang zao. 8 earthquake occurred in Wenchuan earthquake, the date of 2200 high school students, hundreds of students from different buildings rushed to the playground, when these children and teachers in the class as a unit at the end of March, but the whole process took 1 minutes and 36 seconds, quickly and orderly. And all this thanks to President Ye Zhiping to date, pay close attention to earthquake crisis early warning exercise he will spare no effort in a few years ago. we can not change the earthquake, but can change the earthquake caused damage to us. To reduce the damage done by earthquakes is closely related to the measures taken before, after, and after the earthquake. The so-called pre Earthquake Response Measures refers to the popularization of knowledge, beware of earthquake, earthquake epicenter awareness; Measures refers to, don't panic when the earthquake occurred, and learn to use appropriate skills to escape, to maximize the protection of their own and peer; after the earthquake response refers to, after the earthquake, actively rescue related aspects the plight of the victims, but also as far as possible to find their chances of survival. Visible, many people in the epicenter, after the earthquake a lot of emergency response, but also before the earthquake popularity earthquake prevention common sense results. In the epicenter of earthquake, date students can successfully hedge, before the earthquake is the result of prevention. many times, no one will know when and where the earthquake will come. The smart thing to do with earthquakes is to raise awareness and increase escape skills. Ye Zhiping had a strong sense of urgency in the earthquake, and he instilled the consciousness into schools, children and teachers, and put them into practical action. since 2005, he has organized an earthquake crisis early warning exercise in the school every semester. Each exercise, which class from where evacuation, evacuation speed, the teacher's persuasion, the parade in the playground and so on, he is all about and strict requirements, not allowed to make the slightest mistake. It is because the principal at the time of exercise ", which makes the earthquake just and stern", students and teachers to safety. in addition to the crisis warning exercises, Ye Zhiping also spent 400 thousand reinforcement of inferior teaching buildings to avoid the "Jerry built project" on the school teachers and students harm. For the new building, Ye Zhiping is more meticulous, such as he worried about the outside of the building affixed to the marble surface fell down, hit the students, so let the builders of each Dali stone with four metal nails on the external wall, and then paste well. Ye Zhiping was most worried about his reinforcement when the earthquake struck